Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am a little late posting but promise to do better! We actually had a pretty laid back halloween this year. Not one time did I feel rushed to be somewhere or aggrivated to be going, this is an accomplishmnet in itself!! Matt had to work ALL weekend so he missed all of the festivities and was greatly missed:(  We started out Friday night at the school carnival. We had a fun time, except it was wayyy too hot in that gym. Chase's class was in charge of the cake walk and each mom had to work the booth for 30 min. During my slotted time we must have played a hudred times and some kids were relentless when it came to trying to win a cake! The funniest thing is this: The moms were asked to send a cake for the cake walk, I decided this year I was not going to be slack and actually make a cake. Nothing special just a strawberry cake with sprinle icing, and I will have you know all those kids wanted were the store bought ones with the price tag on them!! haha you live and learn, I could have saved an hour of my life...

Even my mom got in on the fun of the cake walk!
Saturday was such a lazy day in general. The kids and I did not even bother to dress until it was time to get costumes on and leave. I love days like that, even if it makes me feel lazy for the rest of the weekend and the house looks like a tornado hit it afterwards:)   

I had one sweet little ladybug, who is still wearing her antennas around the house!
(Bailey also won the costume contest at the church festival we went too)

and a dedicated deer hunter, who was supposed to be Garcia from the SC Gamecocks but decided on a last minute costume change. ( But, after the aweful game against TN that night I don't blame him!)

Our first stop was to a church festival mainly for Matt's family to see the kids in their costume. We stayed for about an hour and then went and visited Aunt Amy and the boys. I was sad that I didn't get to see their costumes but it was good just to see them (minus Peyton, he was at the fair). We didn't trick or treat this year due to the annual haunted hill party that is put on by some friends. The kids had a blast just running around and going on a hay ride. They did get candy before they left and believe me it was way more than they would have gotten going house to house. ( i will post pics later!)

Overall we had a fun weekend and now are getting prepared for Thanksgiving (my personal favorite holiday...no stress, just food)

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