Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines and ear piercing

We had a wonderful weekend!
My Valentine had to work all weekend so he sent me a dozen roses to work on Friday!! So Sweet, I am so blessed with a wonderful hubby:)
We had a major blizzard Friday,which resulted in 8 inches of snow!! Which by South Carolina standards is the equivalent of 8 ft. up north! I am talking major small town shut down, no bread and milk left in the grocery store kinda blizzard! We had a blast playing in the snow for 45 min. and then we were ready for it to go! We are southern bring on the summer heat and humidity, it is how we function!!

(our little house covered in snow! This was just the beginning, I haven't uploaded the rest of the pics)

I woke up on V-day to make all of my little Valentines heart shaped pancakes, which is quite hard when you only have a heart shaped cookie cutter to work with!! Needless to say they had to settle with one little heart pancake and the others big and round!! After church I had a lunch date with my youngins' and decided to take them to pick out there own valentine treats. Chase picked out a motorcycle at toys r us and well I picked Bailey's gift and got her ears pierced. I have heard a lot of mixed feelings on this subject since she is only 2. My feeling is that, YES it hurt her and YES she cried, but only for 2 seconds and then she was on to eating her sucker! She looks just darling and like such a little lady! I have a feeling I am going to be losing her in a couple years to deer stands and mud holes with her daddy so at least now she can still be prissy while getting dirty!! haha...What are your thoughts on little girl ear piercings?? Be polite and remember to each his own!!

My little Valentine's for the day! I just love them to pieces and thank God everyday he chose me to be their mother:)

My little Bailey bug after her ears were pierced! Such a little doll:)


I have heard from my Mom numerous times since she has been in Haiti. She says she is fine and the worst thing that has happened is she broke her thumb nail!! I think she will survive that crisis...They are really doing a lot of good while they are there. They are distributing food and medical supplies to the Haitians as well as some medical care. Please keep this group in your prayers for their safe return on Friday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ode to my husband on Valentines Day!

I have concocted this little poem in honor of Valentines Day for my Husband. He is truly the best husband and daddy in the world! I am the luckiest girl ever:)   (Don't laugh bc I am making this up as I go)

We met when we were 19 years old
It was January, at a party so we were drunk & cold
You told me that night I was to be your wife
and here you are 8 years later #1 in my life

Our romance is whirlwind but we've never been apart
you have always been there and you will always have my heart
Our children are blessed to call you dad
you are the best daddy they could have ever had

You work hard every day to support us all
and even stop what your doing to answer my call
I know I can be silly with my mood swings and such
but I put all that behind me when I feel your touch

I wrote this poem just to let you know 
that you are awesome, fantastic, and I LOVE you so!
 Happy Valentines Day, Honey! 


SOOO my Mom is leaving for Haiti in the morning with a group from our small town! I am a nervous wreck! Please pray for this group as they travel to the unknown and help these poor people! I am so proud of my Mom for doing this courageous thing, she has such a big heart! Yet, I am scared to death and wish she wouldn't go! I don't know what I would do if something happened to her! I pray for her safe travels as she serves the Lord in making things a little more comfortable for the Haitians.  I love you Mom:)


I am such a slacker!! I can not even believe I haven't posted since Thanksgiving! So much is going on in the Sturkie household I hope I can remember it all.

So where to start?!?

We went to the mountains the first of December and had such a wonderful time, we even got to see some snow!!

My little Bailey Bug was not so fond of the cold!! But was the cutest little snow bunny ever!

Chase on the other hand, thought it was the greatest thing since slice bread!! You can tell he doesn't see snow very often since he was sledding down a mostly grass covered hill! Poor thing:(   But, he loved it!!

Christmas was awesome as always! We have such a wonderful family and just love going to all of our gatherings. We both come from divorced families so our Christmas gatherings always start weeks in advance. Which for our kids means four times the gifts and four times the spoiling!!
Matt's Dads' a week before Christmas is always a good time! Kids are EVERYWHERE...They do the coolest game for us older kids that we always enjoy. Instead of buying us each a gift they buy a bunch of random gifts and we draw numbers and do a chinese auction, then they do the same for 2 sets of gift cards! We have a blast.

We go to my daddy's on Christmas Eve! My daddy never asks for anything and this year the one thing he asked me for was this Gamecock apron! I searched high and low for this thing and finally found one a county over! I had to call them and tell them to hold it for me! He was happy and that made my day:) 
Santa comes EARLY Christmas morning, because we have a busy day of here, there, and everywhere:) Chase summed his Christmas up after opening his presents..."I must have been REAL good Momma, because I got everything on my list" ...Chase's main gift this year was Nintendo DS and Bailey's was her Barbie jeep (which she has yet to figure out yet!)

Then it's off to Matt's Mom's for breakfast (which is always delicious). This is the aftermath of gifts! You can never see the floor and it's complete chaos for 30 min. We have the best time just watching Chase and Bailey tear into their stuff.

And finally, we make it to my Mom's (which is 2 doors down from our house, which is great) Every year She wants a family photo of each of the families! Ours has yet to turn out right and the kids won't stay still long enough  to get another one, so we make due with what we get! This year was no exception (who in the world was that boy looking at, SERIOUSLY) This year before we ate, my step-dad announced that they had a video of all of us throughout the year that we didn't know about. Well lo and behold my mother put together one of those elf yourself videos and I swear I think I peed my pants i was laughing so hard! I wish I could upload it but I have no idea how:(

We had such an awesome Christmas and love every minute we get to spend with our families. Jesus is the reason for Christmas and we thank God everyday for sending his son to forgive us of our sins! 

Well that pretty much catches us up to 2010...