Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Her Majesty is 3!

Can you believe how fast the years just fly by?? I feel like I just posted that Bailey turned 2 and now she is the big 3!!

Dear Bailey,
On March 20, 2008 you came into our life with grace, beauty, and like a bull in a china shop, and that pretty much sums up your personality!  You have such a sweet spirit and a love for everyone! You are still a momma's girl but daddy is closing in fast with him taking you fishing,riding the 4-wheeler and tractor. You love to entertain and do "my nastics" (gymnastics) and you love to dress up and do pageants. You will never know how much joy you bring to our family. I love that you have to kiss everyone goodbye before you will leave and I love that you want to say your prayers with your brother every night. As you and Chase were saying your prayers the other night, Chase prayed "dear God, thank you for the world" and you chimed in "dear God thank you for MY world" and well little lady that says it all right there, it is your world and we live in it:)  I thank God every day for you and could not have asked for a more beautiful and talented little girl as He has blessed me with. You are growing up so fast and I pray that you will always keep that spunky little attitude and always go after what you want! We love you little princess and wish you many more happy birthdays!

Love, Momma!