Thursday, September 30, 2010

Done & Over With

Well folks the car shopping has come to an end (hallelujah!)  I have finally got the car of my dreams (maybe not the best interest rate of my dreams but still) and I don't have to talk to any more salesman. I have settled upon a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe, a white one, just what I wanted!!  

YAY!! Let the astronomical payments and gas guzzling begin!!

But seriously I am excited:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Car Shopping!

I am so over car shopping!! Sometimes I wish I lived in a town where I could walk or ride a bike to where I needed to go (yes I realize this would be a challenge with 2 kids and all of their crap they have to take everywhere) but I'm just sayin'! My dear ole' husband found the truck of his dreams, and we just couldn't pass up a good deal, so in essence this left us with 3 cars, 3 car payments, and insurance on 3 cars...can you say $$$$!! My car is on it's last leg, the speedometer doesn't work (I am always going 120 mph according to the crazy thing) and my blinker quit working (I do believe I got a lemon seeing how I have only had it 2 years) so needless to say I needed a new one too. So I am left to the challenge of trading in 2 cars all while getting enough on trade in to cover the negative equity (somebody shoot me please). I have gone from getting a brand new car (due to rebates) to a semi-new tank (aka Tahoe) and now on to a semi-new Honda! I am praying the Honda works out, it is fully loaded with low miles and a gas tank that will last me all week. ( I am the girl who puts $25 in gas at a time just bc I hate filling up). So please everyone pray this car works out because "momma needs some wheels" lol:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

State of Utter Chaos!

"Seriously", "You have got to be kidding me", "what did I do now", "Ya'll are so being put it in a home", and "UGH!" are statements I say daily to my mother! She is always calling me telling me I need to apologize for this, calm down about that, and quit being so impatient. Now granted, my momma is my best friend and I love her like a fat kid loves cake but she is on my last nerve this week!! (just ask her she knows).

My life has suddenly turned chaotic now that Bailey is no longer in daycare everyday, Chase is playing football with practice 3 times a wk, working 40 hrs a week the hubby working swing shifts, trying to get to the gym so I don't completely turn to mush, and trying to keep my house from turning into a pigsty while keeping food on the table. So, nonetheless I am a little on edge these days. I have never liked for plans that I have in my head to change,no matter how small. I thrive on structure and organization but am the most disorganized and unstructured person alive. How can this be? How am I wired to be such a conflict of interest with myself? I promise to always apologize when I snap and I promise that it will happen again!

Today was a bit of a rambling day, as I have so much in my head to report but just can't put it in words at the moment. But, on a lighter note: THE GAMECOCKS WON!!! Go Cocks...SEC championship~here we come:)