Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Everybody Dies Famous In A Small Town"

I have been asked several times why this is the title of my blog. I can see where that is a relevant question seeing as I am definitly not famous nor do I plan on being famous, but I was reminded this week of why this is my favorite song, and saying:

Our small community was rocked on Monday morning with the news of a tragic accident claiming the life of a 27 year old newlywed who has lived here his whole life. He and his wife were just married last year and she is a local elementary school teacher. During difficult times like these we grieve and we all ask why would something so tragic happen to such a young, successful, loved man, whose smile and quirky sense of humor I remember from high school. The answer to that question is simple, It is God's will! God is in control at all times, and it is times like these when we feel God is the furthest from us and we question everything he has done...Reality is,  God is here and he is carrying the grieving family and will get them through this darkest hour. They will be comforted in the fact that their beloved son and husband is walking with Jesus and smiling down on them from above. This is my prayer for them and my heart goes out to them!

I attended the visitation last night, and with any death in our community, the turn out was spectacular! I got there right at 5:00 and the line was already forming around the building! It took an hour to get through the line and when I was coming out the line was down the parking lot...This is what living in a small town is about! The love and support of people, that may not have even known the family or deceased, coming together to support them during a difficult situation. This young man's picture may never be on the cover of People magazine or splashed across our movie screens, but he was a spectacular person and will truly be missed. He is the definition of "dying famous in a small town"!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall=Pumpkin Carving

Well we had an adventure filled weekend around our house! Daddy had to work, but we still made the most of it...Little man went to his Mimi's on Friday and got to go the fair AGAIN!! But, this time he spent someone else's money and got to play a ton of games! He brought home 5 stuffed animals (he was a little obsessed)! Saturday night he had a friend spend the night! I felt so bad for his friend because I just do not keep adequate groceries in the house (blame it on my momma) and this kid ate like a horse!! Now I can say this because his momma his one of my oldest and dearest friends and she knows I mean well:) Anyway, every 10 minutes he was wanting a healthy snack ( he really said healthy because his stomach hurt) so I gave him chicken noodle soup and you would have thought I cured cancer!! He was so happy, he said WOW that made my tummy feel better, can I have a chocolate chip cookie now?? haha..But, by far the funniest conversation was the one about taking a shower. I informed the boys that they would need to take a shower before bed so they could just get dressed the next morning for church. I told them one could use one bathroom and one could use the other. This was the response, "can't we just take one together?" Ummm, is that legal???  But, then I felt like I would be taking a rite of passage away from them if I made them seperate, so sure, why not? Then I hear, " we gonna get naked and take a shower" sung in unison!! Oh the joys of boys!!

Now for the point of the title! We finally carved our pumpkin that has been on the porch for 2 weeks! Little man was so excited and asked me every 5 minutes if it was time to carve the pumpkin, I finally gave in at 7:00 last night. Now, I love the concept of carving the pumpkin and making it look all cute for halloween, but I am not crazy about the whole sticking your hand in that yuck to clean it out! So, equipped with my giant spoon and huge butcher knife, we went to work.

This is me being told that saying cheeeese was not appropriate for the occasion..."Momma we have to say Happy Halloweeeen" !!

Hey, as long as it produces a good picture I don't care what you say!

Notice who is doing all the work~~Miss Priss was having none of it! I don't blame her:)
She gets it from her momma!

Our finished product!!  Mamaw came by and helped with that beautiful smile, I was too nervous that I would mess up! haha...The ghost pumpkin was done at Mimi's (fancy, I know!)

Now, the last picture that I am going to show is horrific and sad! I almost cried but withheld my tears in fron of the children. We spent a whole, good hour on our masterpiece and this is what we woke up too...brace yourselves!

This is what we found on our porch this morning! :(
Our beautiful, black lab decided he wanted in on the fun!! Now let me remind you that these pumpkins have been on our porch for 2 weeks and NOW he decides to have a midnight snack!! UGH!!

It is, what it is!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall = Fair

Well it's that time again, FAIR TIME!!! You can always tell when the fair is almost here. The air gets cooler the days get shorter and football is in full swing (Go Cocks!)...  Living in a small town means you must travel to the neighboring county to go to the fair, which lets face it is only a 30 minute drive. Well the Sturkie's graced the fair with our presence last night and a few thoughts crept into my mind:  It cost us $12 to get in, $27 for 2 drinks, 3 small corn dogs, 1 long corndog, and 1 order of fries, $20 for 1 unlimited ride band for little man, and $10 worth of single ride tickets just in case there was something for little princess to ride (which there wasn't)!! So here's the actual thought, and I am not trying to be judgemental, though it may sound exactly like I am...Do some of the people that attend the fair save up all year just to go??? I mean seriously I was in shock at spending $72 and that didn't include the cotton candy we had to have before we left or the game little man HAD to play! Some people were there with 4 and 5 kids who barely had decent shoes and clothes to wear and looked like they hadn't ate in days, but you better believe they were living it up at the fair! Oh well, who am I to judge?!? So anyway, We had a great time and little man rode EVERY ride and little princess enjoyed her corndog...Can't wait for next year!

Miss Priss and her favorite part of the fair!

Little Man coming down the slide after hyperventilating at the top! He was so excited to get up there and when he got to the top he freaked out!! We were waving our arms to tell him to slide down and the poor little carnie man was up there threatening his life if he didnt slide (not really but it looked like that was what he was whispering in his ear)!! He finally, after 10 minutes and holding up the line, came down and says "oh that was fun momma, can I do it again?" Uh NO!!

Daddy looks like he is having the time of his life! He was just wanting to go over to see Jake Owen in concert (which he sounded great)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Star In The Making

So my handsome little man had an audition with CD Models and Talent this week and I got a call today that they want to represent him!!! He did so awesome!! He had to memorize a Crest commercial, which he did in like 10 min. I swear he doesn't forget a thing! I was so nervous that he was going to get up there and get shy, but he belted that commercial out like he had invented Crest toothpaste! The they had to do a runway walk...This was hilarious!! If any of you have ever seen him walk, or run, you know that he is flatfooted...But, he got up there and owned the catwalk! The lady told me he got high marks in all catagories! I am one proud mom even if he never gets a job out of it:)