Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funny Story

I wanted to save this for "Is it odd Thursday" but I just couldn't wait!

This morning I had to go into Chase's classroom to talk with his teacher about his field trip tomorrow. This was our conversation:

Mrs. Molony: Can you believe I caught Logan cutting his hair yesterday?

me: OMG, I bet his mom could just die, he has the cutest hair with curls!!

Mrs. Molony: Well you know why he did it don't you?

me: ummm no!

Mrs. Molony: Apparrently Chase has told the boys in class that girls don't like long hair on boys, they only like short hair!

me: hahaha....I have no idea where he gets this stuff, I am going to have to apologize to Logan's mom!!

Mrs. Molony: But whats even funnier is John David says "Chase, what about my hair?"
Chase says "Oh well, your hair is fine but your bangs are a little long" 
"Is this better?" JD says as he is pushing his bangs back with his hand.

That kid just kills me sometimes with what he comes up with, I guess I have been just a little anal about his hair and clothes! It shocks me that 5 year olds are worried about the opposite sex already, i should really start a book of the things these youngins say and do!!


  1. Funny stuff. Our three little ones entertain us with adventures as well--at least we have good reason to be so tired at night.

  2. Haha, that is too funny! So many kids do the "self haircut." I've never heard of them doing it for members of the opposite sex though!

  3. I guess I would expect the self-haircut from a girl rather than a boy and especially for my son to be telling him what's fashionable! I am wondering if I should be worried!! I told my boss and this was his comment, "well. it sounds like he posseses goo leadership skills" my reply " no, he just wants everything to be his way" haha