Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is It Odd Thursday!


That I?

* am so obbsessed with facebook that I checked it five times before I even made the statement

* have yet to really decorate my house and the last picture that was hung my MIL did it for me, its been 2 years!

* have yet to fix my blinker in my car and it has been broke for six months, and when I have to turn a refuse to stick my hand out the window to let anyone know

* am obsessed with all things pertaining to pageants and have only competed in two my whole life

* love to get my nails done but end up picking at them 2 days later

I got this idea from another blog...Every Thursday I will compile a list of quirky things I find myself doing, and post. Comment me with your quirkyness, we may not be so odd afterall:)

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