Friday, November 20, 2009

A night with Michael Waddell !!

Well last night was such an awesome night! My hottie of a husband and I attended the National Wild Turkey Federation banquet and the special guest was none other than Michael Waddell!! If you are not familiar with him, he is a hunter on the outdoor channel and a hunting idol in this neck of the woods...

He was very friendly and so easy to talk too! We were able to get our pictures made with him as well as quite a few autographed items! I was able to ask him all the dumb questions I could think of and even let him know that I had friend requested him on facebook so we could be bff's! As we walked away my husband looks at me and says "ya know honey, you are pretty funny"!! Honey he could have just given me a million dollars, that statement alone made my night (as well as the "all you can drink for $2) ... They were giving away prizes galore and guess who won a door prize?? That's right yours truly won a gun, a remington .22 rifle (at least thats what they told me) Matt was so excited! I was half asleep when they called my name, but when I heard Leslie Sturkie, I jumped up a yelled "what'd I win?" Matt was in the bathroom so he missed all of the excitement. We also won some things in the raffle, but nothing as exciting as my first ever, in my own name, gun!! (which I will never shoot:)
As we were leaving, Michael Waddell had stepped outside to talk on his phone and we caught him in the parking lot. We gave him our thanks (and then he asked me to be his 2nd wife...ok not really but he's a cutie) and Matt looked at me and says "I thought the day we got married was the best day of my life, but damn tonight could have topped it" HMMM thanks darling!! I will post the pics of us with Michael as soon as the NWTF has them loaded!!

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