Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving according to a 5 year old!

Mrs. Molony asked her K5 class how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey and then she wrote down what each child said...This was Chase's interpretation:

How To Cook The Thanksgiving Turkey

"I will go to Bi-Lo and buy a 30lb. turkey for $15.00.
I will cook it in the oven on 72 degrees for 8 minutes.
We will have turkey, chicken, french fries, cheese pizza, and frosted flakes. For dessert we will have chocolate pudding.
I will invite momma, daddy, bailey, mamaw, and papaw.
Me and momma will clean up while everyone else plays the Wii!!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Love, Chase

Yum, don't you want to be at our house for thanksgiving!!


  1. That sounds like an AMAZING thanksgiving!! Pizza and frosted flakes? I'm IN! :)

  2. Someone who followed your blog started following my blog and that brought me here...and since you quote Miranda....I felt like we should be friends (despite our vols vs. gamecocks differences...).

  3. I just saw this comment about the Vols vs Gamecocks...I am a Vols fan too, My step-family bleeds orange & white!! haha