Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Everybody Dies Famous In A Small Town"

I have been asked several times why this is the title of my blog. I can see where that is a relevant question seeing as I am definitly not famous nor do I plan on being famous, but I was reminded this week of why this is my favorite song, and saying:

Our small community was rocked on Monday morning with the news of a tragic accident claiming the life of a 27 year old newlywed who has lived here his whole life. He and his wife were just married last year and she is a local elementary school teacher. During difficult times like these we grieve and we all ask why would something so tragic happen to such a young, successful, loved man, whose smile and quirky sense of humor I remember from high school. The answer to that question is simple, It is God's will! God is in control at all times, and it is times like these when we feel God is the furthest from us and we question everything he has done...Reality is,  God is here and he is carrying the grieving family and will get them through this darkest hour. They will be comforted in the fact that their beloved son and husband is walking with Jesus and smiling down on them from above. This is my prayer for them and my heart goes out to them!

I attended the visitation last night, and with any death in our community, the turn out was spectacular! I got there right at 5:00 and the line was already forming around the building! It took an hour to get through the line and when I was coming out the line was down the parking lot...This is what living in a small town is about! The love and support of people, that may not have even known the family or deceased, coming together to support them during a difficult situation. This young man's picture may never be on the cover of People magazine or splashed across our movie screens, but he was a spectacular person and will truly be missed. He is the definition of "dying famous in a small town"!

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  1. I love that song and that is really a touching way to look at the title of your blog :)