Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall = Fair

Well it's that time again, FAIR TIME!!! You can always tell when the fair is almost here. The air gets cooler the days get shorter and football is in full swing (Go Cocks!)...  Living in a small town means you must travel to the neighboring county to go to the fair, which lets face it is only a 30 minute drive. Well the Sturkie's graced the fair with our presence last night and a few thoughts crept into my mind:  It cost us $12 to get in, $27 for 2 drinks, 3 small corn dogs, 1 long corndog, and 1 order of fries, $20 for 1 unlimited ride band for little man, and $10 worth of single ride tickets just in case there was something for little princess to ride (which there wasn't)!! So here's the actual thought, and I am not trying to be judgemental, though it may sound exactly like I am...Do some of the people that attend the fair save up all year just to go??? I mean seriously I was in shock at spending $72 and that didn't include the cotton candy we had to have before we left or the game little man HAD to play! Some people were there with 4 and 5 kids who barely had decent shoes and clothes to wear and looked like they hadn't ate in days, but you better believe they were living it up at the fair! Oh well, who am I to judge?!? So anyway, We had a great time and little man rode EVERY ride and little princess enjoyed her corndog...Can't wait for next year!

Miss Priss and her favorite part of the fair!

Little Man coming down the slide after hyperventilating at the top! He was so excited to get up there and when he got to the top he freaked out!! We were waving our arms to tell him to slide down and the poor little carnie man was up there threatening his life if he didnt slide (not really but it looked like that was what he was whispering in his ear)!! He finally, after 10 minutes and holding up the line, came down and says "oh that was fun momma, can I do it again?" Uh NO!!

Daddy looks like he is having the time of his life! He was just wanting to go over to see Jake Owen in concert (which he sounded great)

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