Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yesterday after me and the hubby got off work we decided to take the kids to the lake for the evening! We are absolute lake bums when it even gets slightly warm so this is a normal occasion! I just love riding in the boat and watching the sunset while the rest of the family fishes. Now that Miss Bailey is old enough to fish she couldn't wait for her hook to be in the water, so daddy baited her hook and threw it in and told her that she was going to catch a big 'ol fish and to be ready. Her response was "but daddy I want a baby goat" hahaha ..... If only life were that simple and we could be that naive again! Unfortunately the fish were not biting at all yesterday and the only fish caught was by Chase and that was because he hooked it in the neck while he was reeling his line in!! Oh well, it was a beautiful evening and another memory made:)

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