Monday, May 9, 2011

Fashion Emergency

1st grade award day...Chase got an accelerated reader award! He looks good in anything!

Ok, this is just a little story I need to jot down for my own memory! My son is probably the most vein person I know! At only 7 years old he is very aware of how he needs to dress for any occasion! I guess you could say this is my fault but his dad is the same way!! This morning in car line we noticed that a lot of the kids were dressed very nicely and so I asked the car line attendent what was going on, she informed me that today was awards day for the upper and lower school so I said "OMG, do I need to run Chase home and change him?" she informed me that there was no need. Chase was wearing plaid shorts and a blue tshirt with his tennis shoes since it was gym day. She said that the lower school kids were dressed for PE so it was ok. Well Chase did not see the approval because he was in tears!!! I am talking alligator, hyperventilating style crying. He refused to get out of the car. I had to pull up and explain to him that he looked great and that he could wear a paper sack and still look good!! He finally calmed down and went inside. Whew!! That child is a mess, but you know he will always be dressed well!

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