Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lets play catch up!!

I missed an entire year of blogging and that bums me out! 2012 was such a roller coaster year and my momma always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say, then come sit with me", Oh wait, thats not right, thats what I say! She says to not say anything at all, and for once I took her advice. I could never just sit down and think of a lovey, dovey, all is wonderful post because frankly things weren't. But, now I am back a
nd I am ready to be all mushy, gushy, and lovey dovey! So what all did ya'll miss last year?? I think pictures is the best way to tell a story (and less jumbled sentences you have to read!)

We spent new years eve at a friends house for a bon fire. Every year I tell my husband that I want to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant like normal people. But deep down I know there is nothing better than good friends, a bon fire, and just kissing him at midnight. I just love him to pieces and although there have been tough times we have grown up together and not apart!

My momma turned 50 in January and I threw her a surprise party!
It was so awesome to surprise her for a change. She is truly the best mom any girl could ask for and she does so much for me and my family! I try to tell her all the time how specia
l she is to me but words are never enough. We also took a girls cruise to Mexico and had the best time. She is the one in the middle and doesn't look a a day over 35! I pray I got those good genes:)

Miss Priss had a great 2012! She turned the big 4! We had a princess party at our local gymnasium, complete with a bounce castle! She loved every minute of it and had a lot of friends to celebrate with. She also lost her front tooth. Well not really, the denist had to pull it bc it was a dead tooth from when she hit it when she was 2. But, the tooth fairy still came and forked over the big bucks! She also started gymnastics and loves it! I hope she continues to enjoy it, because I love watching her! We also got a big girl hair cut! She is growing up way too fast!

Little Man turned 8 in 2012 (Man I am getting old) we celebrated by having a sleep over with a few of his friends and then taking them to the lake for the day! They had the best time and we were exhausted! He also made the All Star team in baseball and got to meet Troy Landry from Swamp People! But by far the highlight of his year was killing his first dee
r. He was so proud and so was his daddy! He started asking us to just call him deer slayer (bless his heart!) He is such a cool kid and I love seeing the world through his eyes (even though his daddy says I already do bc we act just alike) haha

This handsome fella started the 3rd grade!!
It is so hard to believe that he was only 4 when I
started this blog and now he is such a little man! So far
3rd grade has been so much easier than 2nd! Thank
This little princess started 4K! She now has to
go to school all day just like hr big brother!
She loves it!
And how cute is her outfit my momma made?!?

Spring and summer are by far our favorite seasons! We spend the majority of our weekends at the lake or the beach. Even the Easter bunny found the kids while we were camping at the lake!

My husband turned 30 in August and boy did I get him good! I threw him a surprise party at the lake and he never expected a thing! It sure took a village to pull this thing off but overall we had a great time and he was so appreciative! We had some good ol SC BBQ, a dj, and a delicious red velvet cake! YUMMM! Now I turn 30 this year so I wonder what he will have up his sleave! lol hmmm

 Halloween has never been my favorite holiday and October has never been a good month for me. I am not sure why but bad stuff always happens in October and this year was no exception. But we do go trick or treating and we do partake in lots of candy eating! Just look how cute my little princess Aurora and my little Chipper Jones are!! No matter how bad things get or how uncertain life can be sometimes, these two sweet faces get me through!

Our newest family member, Gauge!
Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful! We had Thanksgiving at our house this year and it was the first year I cooked everything (except for the turkey, which my hubby deep fried...YUMMM!!). We ususally have everyone bring a side but I wanted to do it myself this year. I was in the kitchen literally all day and I only lost my religion twice! Shocker! But everything turned out great and I am so thankful for such a loving family who never fails us! Christmas was back to our usual go here, there and everywhere routine, but we loved it! We welcomed a new member to our family and he is just the sweetest little thing! My resolution for 2013 is to keep up this blog!! I have alot of exciting things happening this year and I have to remember to document them!!

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