Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cookie Diet

Call me crazy, call me lazy, call me what you will...But, I am on day 1 of Dr. Seigals Cookie Diet!! So far so good! The cookies taste alot like cardboard but do keep you full. I am supposed to eat 6 a day and then a sensible dinner, so far I am on cookie 3 and it's 1:00est.

Has anyone tried this diet? Let me know what you think, I will keep everyone posted!


  1. I have never tried a cookie diet.... I'm sure my husband would go for that for himself considering he loves cookies! but he'd want some good ol' home made chocolate chips and not some cookies that taste like card board. LOL I have done the special K diet before... I guess that's similar. It was easy, but boring after a few days, so I went back to eating real food. The best diet I've found with fast results is the no carb/low carb diet! It really works! This is my first time stopping by your blog, just saw it on a friend's. I like it!

  2. Girl let me just say I was bored of those cookies after 2 days!! I am now just going to watch what I eat, keep all meals @ 400 calories and workout!! I get so lazy sometimes and think that these gimmicks work!! ugh! Thanks for stopping by:)