Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Sayin!

"A southern girl is a girl who knows full and well that she can open a door for herself but prefers for the gentleman to do it because it demonstrates a sense of respect. After all, every girl wants to be treated like a princess. We know how to make sweet tea and grits while telling you everything about any football team in the SEC. We pick our battles and fight with the heart of a pit bull while still maintaining grace and elegance. Our mystique is that of a soft-spoken, mild-mannered southern bell who could direct an army, loves her momma and will always be daddy's little girl."


  1. Well said. Since moving north several years ago, always holding the door has not always been well received by the locals. I am not changing though.

  2. Gorgeous blog, Leslie! Would you be so kind to email me at I have a question for you but can't find an email address for you on your site. Thank you so much!
    :) Amy

  3. Well said and conveyed with a lovely charm only a southern belle could do. Cheers, Susan :)